Hyperion API Documentation#

This tutorial will guide you through the basics of installing and using the Hyperion API client. Subscribe to Eric Anderson to receive regular updates on SynMax Hyperion.

What’s New#

Enhancing API Query Performance#

We are always looking for ways to optimize our API service and ensure the most efficient and reliable performance for our users. With this in mind, we’ve made a small change to the following API endpoints:

These endpoints will throw an error if the response exceeds one million rows per single request. This error can be avoided by adding narrower filters to your request.

To learn how to effectively apply these filters, please check the section on Usage for the particular endpoint.

Requesting Bulk Data#

Our database contains over 500 million rows and our API is not the optimal way to create a local copy. Our API was designed from the ground up to performantly deliver filtered data.

In instances where you want to clone our complete dataset we have begun work on a bulk data request endpoint which will be ready next quarter. In the meantime please submit bulk data requests to eric@synmax.com.

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